Sunrise Assurance Claims Team

Sunrise assurance will help you when you most need it. The quicker you advise us of a potential claim the quicker we can start to help you.

Our claims lodgement staff know the best approach and process to get your new claim moving speedily.

For more complex matters and where service is not delivered as expected, our experienced claims personnel are here to help you.


Contact us

For new claims our lodgement team can be contacted on:

Phone:          320 3438

Email the claims team          


Contact your broker 

You can also contact your broker and they will connect you with our claims team.


In the event of an incident

  • Look out for people’s safety as a top priority
  • Contact the Sunrise Assurance claims lodgement team as soon as possible to get your claim moving
  • Take reasonable steps to minimise your loss
  • Record or photograph damage
  • A loss adjuster may assess the damage before clean up begins
  • Do not admit liability as this could prejudice your claim


  Property Claim Notification Form