Welcome to Sunrise Assurance Brokers Limited

Sunrise Assurance was founded by the Board and Senior Management of FinCorp with the goal of building a profitable insurance broking business that caters to the needs of the people of Papua New Guinea.

Mission Statement

To be the leading insurance broker in Papua New Guinea offerin a range of insurance services and products to meet the needs of its customers.

Vision Statement

To be a "one stop shop" for all our customers insurance needs and services


We offer insurance solutions and specialist advice for:

Small Business Insurance

Insurance for small business covers a variety of risk exposures and relates to a wide range of professionals including tradespeople, hospitality and tourism operators, IT consultants through to accountants and lawyers. We offer capability and tailored insurance solutions relevant to small and medium sized businesses.

Middle Market Insurance

Middle Market insurance describes a range of business insurance options that are suitable for "middle market" companies whose average premium value is in the region of K100,000 to K3 million. These companies have a specific set of needs that vary from small to medium businesses and large corporate organisations.

Corporate Insurance

Corporate insurance caters for large and complex organisations where the risk exposure is broad and multi-faceted. Developing insurance and risk management programs for corporate businesses requires a specialist team offering deep experience across a number of insurance classes, and covers everything from financial and asset related risk through to people and workplace related risks.


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